Development Title Graphic The VG Energy scientific team being led by Dr. M. Karen Newell-Rogers is pioneering the field of metabolic disruption research. Our bio-fuel and agricultural technology is a result of decades of research in the medical field, where the same fundamental theory and similar compounds are being studied as methods to kill certain drug-resistant cancer cells and as potential treatments for other diseases. The human- and algal-cell relationship is based on the fact that all cells rely on fats and sugars to feed themselves and sustain their lives. Cells can convert fats to sugars and vice versa, or “burn” sugar for fuel. Our compound interferes with this process.

In the medical research of this approach, for example, Metabolic Disruption Technology compounds are being used to starve cancer cells and shrink tumors. In our own bio-fuel program, simply stated, our compounds are manipulating the metabolic functions of algae cells causing them to increase the storage of fats – rather than converting them to sugar for fuel – and therefore increasing the secretion (yield) of refinable oil.

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