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Currently, several leading firms in the relatively new field of algal oil production have invested significant capital as they seek to determine the most productive environments in which to cultivate algae and thereby achieve economics that are competitive with oil from fossil fuels. Methods of production include open outdoor raceways to contained and controlled indoor vessels called bio-reactors.

The VG Energy compound can be used in all known methods of algae production and many feedstocks. As such VG Energy holds the key to enable bio-fuel companies to achieve the increased production yields and economics necessary for true mass implementation and industrialization. Not only are the economic returns of algal oil production made sufficient to warrant the massive capital investment, but our technology moves significantly closer to the achievement of a true renewable replacement of fossil fuels.

VG Energy provides this solution without specialized equipment, or the need to genetically modify algae.

"Viral Genetics is in the right place at the right time with this technology. Identifying and controlling the trigger for lipid production in algae has long been the holy grail of algal biofuels technology. Many big players are working in this field, and whoever is first to translate such a discovery into an economic process will leap frog to the front of the pack."

- John Sheehan